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Comic Relief.

Video 1 Red Nose Day

Video 2 Banning cars to reduce pollution

Video 3 Be Smart when Downloading music

Watch one video and give your opinion on it using the language on Page 26 of the Student's Book. Please write your name next to your opinion and refer to the video you are talking about.

For example, "I think banning cars is a difficult decision but it can help a lot to solve pollution problems" (Stella-video 2)

"It seems to me that...
It seems to me that people who have his own car, don't have to use the new subways and the train, because they have his their car and probably, they don't want to travel on a diferent transport. (Delfina- video 2) Excellent Work, Delfina !
It seems to me that it's ok the banning cars to reduce pollution, but people who have their own cars, for them it would be difficult to get around on public transport.(Mauricio-video 2) Excellent Work Mauricio !
It seems to me that the people who download music illegally should be more concious because they can lose all their material in the computer. In the other hand if you download music legally you have to pay, what is something you don't have to do in the illegal way..Very Good Indeed!
Ivanna Aisensztat (video 3)

It seems to me that there are two different ways to see it: if you download illegal music, the singers and people who worked to do the song won’t receive any money. But, in the other hand, the only way you have to listen to the music you want in your cell phone or in your house, is buying the CD, and they are very expensive. So, I’m not so sure if downloading illegal music is a bad thing, although it is a crime.Excellent opinion, Mica!
Maria Micaela Ciaño (Stella - video 3).

It seems to me that there are many different opinions about this topic. One of them is that downloading illegal music is wrong, because, although it is a crime, you are depreciating the works of the singers and bands. Other opinion is that downloading illegal music it's ok because it does not affect any person in the world. The artists are so rich that they don't care if people is downloading their music from the internet. And the last opinion is that artists and bands may promote downloading online music by posting their songs and cd's on the internet and they might get paid for each download. I say that downloading illegal music it's not bad, but althoug not good. I mean, in one point of view you don't have to pay a high amount of money, but in the other point of view you are not supporting the persons who made that song or CD. (Vittorio - Video 3). Very Good ideas, Vittorio.
"I feel...
I feel that it's fine to open new subways and trains, but I think that they should create more of them, and tell people the benefits of don't use cars all days and reduce the pollution. (Delfina- video 2) Very Good !
I feel that if the government cut 30% of polluting emissions for the Olympic Games, they could do so at any time. No matter the cost to have clean air to breathe.(Mauricio-video 2) Excellent !
I feel that it's understood if someone prefers downloading music illegally but it's something that should change in the society, because it's a crime, a minor one but it's a crime. Excellent!
Ivanna Aisensztat (video 3)

I feel that downloading illegal music is wrong, but is the only way that people have to listen to music without paying U$D 25. Of course you can listen to the radio or listen the songs in You Tube, but if you want to have them in your cellphone, iPod, or any music player, you have this problem. In some countries – like in ours- people won’t get fine because of doing this, but in countries like United States or in Europe there is a fine that citizens must pay.
Maria Micaela Ciaño (Stella - video 3) I love this one too!

I feel that downloading music it's not good but not wrong, you know, If I want to have a CD at home I have to buy it and it costs a high amount of money for what the CD brings to me, so, if I download it, I haven't got to pay and, if I want, I can keep the music on my computer or copy it to my cellphone or burn it on a CD. But, on the other side, artists may complain because they don't receive any money for the downloads. (Vittorio - Video 3) Well Done!

"I think...
I think that the people should be agree with this idea, because it's a benefit to their lifes reduce the pollution generated by cars.(Delfina-video 2) Well done!
I think if the government prohibits the circulation of cars, it's okay to open new subway lines, but I think they should build more due to the large population and the circulation of them. (Mauricio-video 2) Very Good job !
I think that people download music illegally because they think its easier and as its free it seems to be a better option, but the concecuensies are extremelly big, as I've said before. Excellent job!
Ivanna Aisensztat (video 3)

I think downloading illegal music it’s ok, I do it myself. The way I see it, a possible solution is to sell CDs cheaper, so people won’t have to commit a crime every time they want to listen to music.
Maria Micaela Ciaño (Stella - video 3) Good Idea!

I think downloading music it's a good thing because it's a easier way to spread that songs around the world and make your band more popular. I even download it. I don't care about concequences because, here in Argentina, you can't go in jail by downloading music. It would be wonderful if artists start to post themselves her CD's on the internet and receive money for each download so downloading music online won't be illegal anymore and people could access to the music without spending any cent. (Vittorio - Video 3) I Love this one, too!

Now go to this Word Documents to see your corrections


Then, support your viewpoint using the language on Page 27 of the Student's Book.

For example,


"According to ...

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